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積本が増えていく一方なので、『ゼロから作るDeep Learning』をやり切るまで本を買わないという誓いを立てた。

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One week in and and our fundraiser already hit 10.000€! 🎉

Thanks to everybody who donated!

Find out more about the fundraiser and what we have in store for you at

君は僕に似ている (Kimi ha Boku ni Niteiru) - See-Saw // covered by 凪原涼菜


松屋が「牛めしのタレ」新作を開発 9月27日から順次変更 (2022年9月26日) - エキサイトニュース

VIDEO SALON WEBINAR134「C4D×Blender×AEで作る! ボカロMV制作を徹底解説」(講師:Nihe) | Peatix


Introducing Pureboot Basic. PureBoot is our high-security, tamper-detecting boot firmware. With the release of version 22 we have added a new feature called “PureBoot Basic” that lets you optionally disable the tamper detection, leaving you with a clean, simple, and still powerful boot firmware with more recovery options than a traditional coreboot BIOS and GRUB. Learn more ➡️

GPLv3 t-shirt: limited stock, available in select sizes. Check out your options via #GNUmerch #GNU

A pretty cool list of command line tools written in Rust


At first glances, these projects look super cool

- petname

Generate human readable random names. Usable as a library and from the command-line.

- gfold

CLI tool to help keep track of your Git repositories

- procs

A modern replacement for ps

- t-rec

Blazingly fast terminal recorder that generates animated gif images for the web written in rust

- gpg-tui

Manage your GnuPG keys with ease!

IBM、そんなものも - 早すぎたスマートフォン「IBM Simon」の詳細(1994年):福田昭のストレージ通信(234) フラッシュメモリと不揮発性メモリの歴史年表(15)(1/2 ページ) - EE Times Japan




Thanks to @pitrh I now remember when #OpenBSD introduced 'pf'.

That was 20 years ago, in version 3.0, and I remember it because it was kind of a Big Deal at the time (replacing IPFilter).

Oh heck, I am just old. Anyway, go read his article:

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