Improved Japanese text wrapping - TextViews can now wrap text by Bunsetsu (the smallest unit of words that sounds natural) or phrases -- instead of by character -- for more polished and readable Japanese applications. You can take advantage of this wrapping by using android:lineBreakWordStyle="phrase" with TextViews.

Text Conversion APIs - People who speak languages like Japanese and Chinese use phonetic lettering input methods, which often slow down searching and features like auto-completion. In Android 13, apps can call the new text conversion API so users can find what they're looking for faster and easier.

Previously, for example, searching required a Japanese user to (1) input Hiragana as the phonetic pronunciation of their search term (i.e. a place or an app name), (2) use the keyboard to convert the Hiragana characters to Kanji, (3) re-search using the Kanji characters to (4) get their search results. With the new text conversion API, Japanese users can type in Hiragana and immediately see Kanji search results live, skipping steps 2 and 3.

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